FORMER AT-RISK AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE FINDS INSPIRATION THROUGH HISTORY Jamaal Brown Created the BLACK365 Knowledge Bowl to Inspire Other Youth  LOS ANGELES, Calif. (FEB. 25, 2014) – High school graduation rates among African Americans are at an astronomical low. Only 47 percent of young Black men receive their high school diplomas and one in four African American males who dropout ends up in prison. The problem today is that young African Americans are not being totally empowered or inspired through their education. Jamaal Brown, an entrepreneur, scholar, and father, found the key to changing those numbers around through this phenomenal and life changing creation, the Black365 Knowledge Bowl.  While in high school, Brown was sure his only choices in life were to become a drug dealer, gang member, or athlete. But it was when the voices of his ancestors began to call out from the pages of Black history that his eyes and heart opened up to a world of endless possibilities.  As he began to read and study, he found his purpose in life – empower, uplift, and inspire the world through the stories of history that are rarely ever told.  After becoming his high school’s first-ever African American valedictorian, more »